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January 12, 2019          Opening Acts: Lost Joe, Bill Lareau

                                     FEATURE ACT: Out of Nowhere


January 26, 2019          Opening Acts: Rusty Ellis, Clint Carr

                                      FEATURE ACT: Barry Ward


February 9, 2019          Opening Acts: Charlie King, Lee Johnson

                                      FEATURE ACT: Blue Pepper Trio


February 23, 2019        Opening Acts:”Just Us”

                                      FEATURE ACT: Blue Canyon Boys


     March 9, 2019             Opening Acts: Rick & Debbie Mixon, Mark Bliss

                                    FEATURE ACT: Beth Williams


     March 23, 2019           Opening Acts: Out On A Limb

                                    FEATURE ACT: The Mitguards


April 13, 2019             Opening Acts: Clayton Chrysler, Larry Pickens & Friends

                                     FEATURE ACT: Acme Bluegrass


April 27, 2019          Opening Acts: Doc, Kit, & Friends

                                       FEATURE ACT: Steve Jones & Sandy Reay


May 11, 2019           Opening Acts: Charles Rann

                                 FEATURE ACT: Wilson & McKee