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       February 11, 2017      Opening Acts: Jimmy Lee Robbins, Mark Bliss

                                          FEATURE ACT: Phil Volan & Jolene Bell


       February 25, 2017      Opening Acts: Lee Johnson, JJ Steele

                                          FEATURE ACT: Blue Canyon Boys


       March 11, 2017         Opening Acts: Frost Mountain Clan

                                          FEATURE ACT: Wilson & McKee


       March 25, 2017         Opening Acts: Tom & Nancy Wills, Clayton Chrysler

                                          FEATURE ACT: Beth Williams


       April 8, 2017             Opening Acts: Sadie & Tori Alger, Willie

                                         FEATURE ACT: Fireweed


      April 22, 2017            Opening Acts: Sons of the Republic

                                         FEATURE ACT: Yampa Valley Boys


      May 13, 2017             Opening Acts: Fremont County Strings

                                         FEATURE ACT: Blue Pepper Trio


      September 9, 2017     Opening Acts: Bill LaReau

                                         FEATURE ACT: Loose Cannon Bluegrass


      September 23, 2017   Opening Acts:

                                         FEATURE ACTS: Silver Mountain Fiddlers


      October 14, 2017       Opening Acts:

                                         FEATURE ACT: Wirewood Station


      October 28, 2017       Opening Acts:

                                         FEATURE ACT: Out of Nowhere


      November 11, 2017   Opening Acts:

                                         FEATURE ACT: Kantankerous


      December 9, 2017      Opening Acts:

                                          FEATURE ACT: Hank Cramer